Routine Care

Routine Care systems such as CRMS (Clinical Rheumatology Management System) will bring clinical trials development closer to routine rheumatology care and PROMS (Patient Related Outcome Measures). This new system will link existing and new Clinical Trials data with Routine Care data and provide a one-stop patient monitoring platform as well as providing an indispensable data resource for researchers and clinicians alike. Due to its compatibility with Clinical Trial Databases integration is seamless and data exchange smooth enabling researchers to track patients progress over long periods of time (many years)..

Apart from being able to track the patient progress over many years, CRMS systems can be used as an archiving tools where you can have a long-term storage, reporting and patient tracing capabilities. This is quite important for many chronic and long-term illnesses such as RA and Diabetes since patients very often change their place of residence, hospital or healthcare provider.