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About Us


Web Clinica has a longstanding relationship with healthcare professionals and specialises in the development of web based routine patient care and clinical trial databases

Web based Database Applications Development
Mobile Apps Development
Web Infrastructure Development & Management


a modular suite of web based healthcare systems and databases

The modules can be used independently or in combination to form a comprehensive data collecting, monitoring and reporting system in both routine care and clinical trials.

Data is submitted by the end user (nurse, patient or clinical trial participant) thus reducing clinicians time and costs. Data can also entered by patients using the Web Clinica mobile app. All modules are web based and could be provided to customers as on-premise or cloud solution
(SAAS - Software as a Service).


  • Routine patient monitoring system
  • Clinical trial monitoring system
  • Mobile devices app (data entry, medication intake tracking and appointment scheduling)
  • Database platforms and reporting systems serving as a back end for mobile device apps
  • Database systems for Tissue sample collections, tracking and storage (both routine care and clinical trials)
  • Expense tracking, lab information and ordering system (of importance for clinical trials)
  • Task management system (database support & group project management)
  • Document management system (for clinical trials, web based)
  • Patient randomisation algorithms (static and dynamic randomisation models)


Web Applications Development

Our work is mostly centered around apps & database development, with specific interest in remote monitoring of chronic diseases such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes.
This is the core of our expertise and we have been doing this since 1997.
In recent years we are also focusing our efforts in Healthcare systems and database development using latest advance web responsive and bootstrap build methods.
Our current focus is on eCRFs (Electronic Data Capture systems in both clinical trials and routine patient care) and LIMS (laboratory information systems). More about our products - please see below.

Web DevOps & Infrastructure Design

In addition to web applications development inevitably we are also involved in core IT infrastructure design and development with focus on healthcare systems and network integrations.

Our expertise is in open source and linux based systems management and maintenance.
Together with web applications development this represents a powerful combination of back and front end development that is combined with our agile and lean project management skills.

Web Applications Security

We are using secure coding practices, in conjunction with pre-production and ongoing testing, securing your applications to a highest possible levels. We also develop our own automated Web application and Web services vulnerability assessment tools and combine them with industry standard protection systems that are customised to protect your data integrity and confidentiality. We also comply with current rules and regulations and follow UK ICO guidelines on data protection.

Our Works

~ Our portfolio is extensive and spanning over two decades ... it would be impossible to list everything that we do so here are some of our latest developments ~